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CT-4000-5V6A&CT-4000-5V12A are two of the best selling models of Neware which are widely applied in cell production, universities and labs worldwide. CT-4000-5V6A&CT-4000-5V12A are capable to test 3C battery, cylindrical cell, pouch cell, super-capacitors, etc.

Triple ranges:

5V6A:Range1: 0.5mA-0.1A; Range2: 0.1A-3A; Range3: 3A-6A


5V12A:Range1: 5mA-1A; Range2: 1A-6A; Range3: 6A-12A


*All models shown in this page can be applied with Neware Environmental chambers, controlling by Neware self-developed software(BTS client).


Stackable design for saving space, 1 rack is able to accommodate MAX 80channel(10 units).

Self-developed software assists in data analysis.

  • Company Overview

    Neware was established in 1998 and has 24 years focused experience in battery testing system field.


    Neware is devoting itself for supplying the best performing battery testing system, formation and grading system, MES, LIMS and automation line(formation and grading end) projects. Neware has offered 100+ prismatic, pouch and cylindrical cell formation and grading automation line project to global customers.


    Neware keeps investing in R&D sector by 10% of revenue each year, aiming at providing the most cost-effective and market-oriented products.


    Now Neware has 42,000+ customers worldwide, 282,000+ sets of machines running at customers’ site, 35,000+㎡ manufacturing base, certificate of Shenzhen top 100 innovation company, certificate of Shenzhen top 500 growth company, certificate of National cutting-edge technology company and certificate of Shenzhen cutting-edge technology company.

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